Hi there!

At IWantThatBadge, we want to offer you the chance of getting customized badges without any minimun order or shipment restriction.

Each bagde costs US$ 1. The process is very simple: You only have to send the picture – link or attachment – to iwantthatbadge@hotmail.com . (Remember! The higher quality the picture is, the better results you will get!)

You can also leave a comment below, or even contact us on Facebook, but remember you have to give us your e-mail.

There is no problem with sharing shipping charges with somebody else.

buy personalized badge

Postage and packing

European Union (UK, France, Portugal, etc)

Up to 10 badges – 1,50 euros – 2 dollars

More than 10 badges – 2,30 euros – 3 dollars

Other countries (México, U.S., Sudamérica, etc)

Up to 10 badges – 2 euros – 2,60 dollars

More than 10 badges – 3,10 euros – 4 dollars

Orders arranged before 7 p.m. (GMT +1) will be delivered next day. It takes some days to arrive, so the most easy is to estimate one-two week.


Standar payment will made with Paypal. For the time being, this is the only way to pay. Maybe in the future, we might consider another channel.

When you send us your desing (any picture), we will give you the instructions to pay, like the adress or the total money to pay in.



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